A Worth Relying Company-Why?

Today, we are a brand that is trusted by millions because of our wide and quality collection of products which includes Insulated Socket, Insulated Water Pump Plier, Wire Stripper, Ratcheting Cable Cutter, Phillips Screwdriver, Ring Wrench, VDE 1000v Insulated Socket & Accessories, Dismantling Knife, to name a few. With over 5 top brands and diverse category of products, we are a major part of companies everyday working. The current status of the company in terms of employees it is employing is 22 and specialized market it is targeting is India, though our sales is in many markets.

Expanding To Serve Customers Better

Bombay Tools Centre (BOMBAY) Pvt. Ltd. was founded way back in the year 1980 with a simple vision of business expansion for the betterment of everyone. The employees of the company is working with complete dedication for the achievement of this vision. Our business has undergone through several changes which include broadening of vendor base, improvement of existing technologies, introduction of new strategies and a lot more in order to serve our clients nothing less than quality based Snipe Nose Side Cutting Plier, VDE 1000v Insulated Cable Cutters, Hacksaw Frame and other products. We have wide import, export and national network to source and supplying products in perfection.

Our Team, Our Strength

Serving India and International markets has made our company worth remembering and this is due to our talented team. We are extremely proud to have such an inspirational and dedicated employees in our team who assist us in the completion of work faster and accomplishment of all pre-set goals. Our team is one that works in coordination so that every task is flawless and customers are provided with quality based products like Snipe Nose Side Cutting Plier, Hacksaw Frame, VDE 1000v Insulated Cable Cutters. Our team includes two designers, four engineers and rest sourcing agents and delivery men. The plans of expansion in India and Abroad are being well-executed by our perfectionists team.

Brands We Deal In

Benefits to customers has been in our list of priorities. Our belief being 'Customer First, Everything Second' has been the reason for keeping benefits to customers in our top priority list. So, customers being most important to us are supplied with all well-made, user-friendly and durable products of famous brands like Phillips and Sparkless.

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