Insulated Socket & Accessories
Provided array of Insulated Socket & Accessories has been developed from finest quality carbon steel, drop forged steel and vanadium steel. These low maintenance electrical accessories can be accessed in different insulation ratings, weight, working life, size and performance based options.
Insulated Screwdrivers
Manufacturing technique of offered Insulated Screwdrivers conforms to EN, IEC and DIN standards. Offered in different configurations, these hand tools are equipped with tempered steel or S2 blade and molded plastic or rubber handle. Fatigue proof design is one of their main attributes.
Insulated Cable Knives
Cable Knives are designed with highly durable Crv blade, ABS or TPR handle and winged blade guard. These tools have been produced as per EN or IEC norms. Customers can obtain these knives in different insulation capacity and warrantee period based specifications.
Insulated Voltage Tester
Insulated Voltage Tester is reckoned for its accurate operation, corrosion protected body, ease of handling and nickel plated surface. This voltage testing tool is also offered with pocket clip. Acrylic and crystal made handle of this tester is convenient to grasp.
Insulated Toolkit
Offered array of Insulated Toolkit has been specially designed to simplify wire cutting, voltage testing and various other electrical procedures. Produced from superior quality Crv steel, cast iron and rubber, the tools of this toolkit are highly durable and are easy to grip as well.
Insulated Cable Cutters
Offered Insulated Cable Cutters is used for precise cutting of electrical wires. With having maximum 1000v insulation range, these electrical hand tools are offered in different specifications. Crv steel made tempered and hardened surface of these cable cutters is totally abrasion proof.
Insulated Tweezers
Tweezers are very helpful in picking up smallest of the objects and also when it comes to pluck the tiniest of the items. The product is very versatile and also useful to be used in any given sector or industry.
Insulated Handle
Insulated Handles are very small with insulated handle that leads too easy handling as well as these are very light in weight. The handles are mainly used in the electrical applications dominantly.
Insulated Hacksaw Frame
Alloy steel blade equipped Insulated Hacksaw Frame is used for maintaining high precision during electrical cutting job. Cast aluminum made frame of this product is highly durable. Its knob is used for trouble free insertion and removal of its blades.
Insulated Hammers
Hammers are brought in use for construction work, repair works along with maintenance, automobile assembly as well as for repairing of different kind of machines. The products are stringently inspected the quality controllers.
Insulated Extension Bar
Extension Bar refers to a long, always a solid piece of the metal piping which allows a user to extend the reach of the given socket wrench accounting to be as much as 12 inches and above.

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