Insulated Tweezers

Tweezers delivered by us are actually the small tools that are used for picking up the objects that are too small even to be easily handled along with the human fingers. The name is given as these loos very similar to tongs, pincers, or even scissors-like pliers that are exclusively used to grab or even hold the  hot objects ever since the dawn of the recorded history. These are used in wide applications be it of industrial or domestic. These are also used in the cosmetics and grooming sectors. In case one has   more bushy brows along with this essential tweezer then that's just the perfect all-rounder for your brow beginners.  These are made up of 100% stainless steel and the flat tips shape that can lead to the plucking task with much of ease and smooth precision.


1) The perfect arches makes the product versatile tweezer which makes and shapes your eyebrows from now to wow.
2) The slanted tips of the product are very helpful in grabbing each and every hair, every time along with pin-point precision.
3) It is very durable as well as rust proof.
4) The efficiency to be used in wide spread sectors and also the long shell life are points to be considered profoundly. 
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VDE 1000v Insulated Precision Straight Tweezers

Price: 1462 INR/Piece

Product Details:

  • Standard : VDE
  • Model : DF0113
  • Handle Material : PU Insulation
  • Insulation on Shank : Yes
  • Brand : Sparkless
  • Insulation  : Up to 1000 v
  • Product type : Precision tweezers straight

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VDE 1000v Precision Bent Tweezer

Price: 1620 INR/Piece

Product Details:

  • Product type : Precision tweezer bent
  • Color : Red
  • Insulation  : Up to 1000 v
  • Brand : Sparkless


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